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In this era of changing financial reporting standards, clients rely on Milliman's 60 years of actuarial expertise. We contribute to industry best practices and actively track new trends as they emerge.

We serve as Head of Actuarial Function, PRSA actuaries and Reviewing Actuaries. We offer hands-on experience in a wide variety of reporting methods, but whatever method employed, our primary focus remains on getting precise calculations and achieving consistently accurate results.

We can create customized financial-reporting systems built to client specifications or review a client's existing systems and offer ideas for improvement. We also provide custom-engineered tools that clients can use to generate regular reports.

All of our reporting systems design and modification work comes with thorough training for clients' actuaries, so they can get the most benefit out of the systems while operating them in house.

Through knowledge of existing and emerging standards, consultants in our Irish practice and around the globe offer well-rounded knowledge of financial reporting and analysis issues. As industry reporting standards change, we provide insight on new concepts, including:

  • Solvency II reporting
  • Local country GAAP and potential convergence with IFRS standards
  • Development of IFRS and global capital standards

Our proprietary modelling tools allow us to calculate the effects of possible changes on a client's reserves and capital, especially the implications for pricing and structure of new products.

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