Risk advisory services

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Recognized as innovators and thought leaders in the enterprise risk management (ERM) space, Milliman consultants assist global organizations improve the ways they identify, evaluate, manage, and mitigate complex, dynamic, and increasingly interrelated risks. Our team of professionals provide clients with a portfolio of solutions designed to:

  • Reach their corporate objectives with greater certainty
  • Achieve greater capital efficiency and higher risk-adjusted returns
  • Increase the confidence and support of diverse stakeholders
  • Comply with growing regulatory requirements, including Solvency II for insurance companies, country specific regulations and stock exchange rules
  • Improve operational excellence, minimize the impact and likelihood of surprises, and increase resiliency
  • Reduce their total cost of risk, freeing up capital for other investments

Our ERM related services include operational risk management, complex risk assessment, economic capital modeling, and ERM technology support. Our goal is to help you find the most expedient and efficient solution in managing your business's risk profile. This may be as small as upgrading your existing capabilities to the launch of a new enterprise risk management business process and platform. For example, Milliman's proprietary web-based governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) platform and embedded business processes can be adopted by even the most complex organizations in 60 to 90 days.

Milliman's unique GRC platform will also interact with your organization's business processes and systems—including compliance, supply chain risk, counterparty credit risk, sustainability, crisis management, and internal audit—to gain an aggregated view of your organization's risks. Our risk advisory services assist businesses across all industries including the financial services and insurance industries, energy and utilities industries, healthcare industry and public sector clients.

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