Solvency II 2020 review

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On 25 June 2019 EIOPA published a first wave of consultation papers on its proposals for the 2020 Review regarding supervisory reporting and public disclosure and insurance guarantee schemes. Milliman has written briefing notes on each of these papers as follows:

On 15 October 2019 EIOPA issued a second wave of consultation covering a wide range of areas. A briefing note giving a high level summary of this second wave of consultation is available here.

More detailed briefing notes on each of the following areas are available as follows:

Full list of Milliman authors:


Aisling Barrett

Eoin King

Bridget MacDonnell


Jessica Crowson

David Burston

Neil Christy

Stuart Reynolds


Veille Réglementaire


Kendall Carolissen

Francois de Wouters


Luca Cavaliere

Aldo Balestreri

Dominic Clark

Luca Bardini


Jaroslaw Lech

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