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We work to improve healthcare all over the world

We look at healthcare through a global lens, applying our knowledge and expertise to tackle the world’s greatest healthcare challenges.

Healthcare matters- no matter where you live.

How is Milliman addressing the many challenges facing the worldwide healthcare industry?

Milliman’s expertise in global health covers many areas: healthcare economies, population health, private and government health systems, international healthcare organizations, international medical insurance, and care management.


Milliman International Health Research series


Critical Point Episode 19: Lessons from healthcare systems around the world

Every country has its own, unique healthcare system, but within these disparate systems there are shared approaches that cross borders and languages.

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Approaches to measuring climate change impacts for medical insurers

Using historical data in the U.K. and Germany to help medical insurers better understand the morbidity and mortality risks from climate change.

Research report

How to implement a population health management programme

This guide can assist managers in thinking through the practical components of a population health management programme, from overall objectives and definitions, through to the people, processes and technology enablers that are so critical.

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