Milliman International Health Research series

26 April 2021 - By Sinéad Clarke, Kevin Manning

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has had numerous impacts on health systems worldwide, with extra support needed globally to address the healthcare needs associated with the pandemic.

05 March 2021 - By Alison Counihan, Edward Jhu, Lalit Baveja

This paper considers the role of reimbursement mechanisms, and particularly diagnosis-related groups price adjustors, in directing general policy and specifically in the role of value-based healthcare.

04 January 2021 - By Joanne Buckle, Jennifer R. Cohen, Peter Gregor, Nicholas Kallis, Qiuwen Peng

What is the current status of telehealth in major geographic markets, including the US, Europe and Asia?

01 June 2020 - By Abhishek Agrawal, Rachin Aggarwal, Jorge Torres, Bridget MacDonnell

What are some innovative healthcare technologies that can be harnessed directly by health insurers in different parts of the world?

06 March 2020 - By Joanne Buckle, Kevin Manning

Every country has its own, unique healthcare system, but within these disparate systems there are shared approaches that cross borders and languages, and we explore some of these similarities in this episode of Critical Point.

03 February 2020 - By Sinéad Clarke, Diana Dodu, Tanya Hayward, Judith Houtepen, Lindsy Kotecki, Monika Lis, Erica Rode, Rong Yi

This paper sets out a ‘how-to’ guide to risk equalisation, or risk adjustment.

06 January 2020 - By Lalit Baveja, Alison Counihan, Tanya Hayward, Monika Lis, Neha Taneja

What are the best practices for designing and implementing a wellness programme?

17 October 2019 - By Joanne Buckle, Alison Counihan, Tanya Hayward, Nicholas Kallis, Bridget MacDonnell, Kevin Manning, Neha Taneja

This guide can assist managers in thinking through the practical components of a population health management programme, from overall objectives and definitions, through to the people, processes and technology enablers that are so critical for success.

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